3 tips on how Amazon sellers can protect their listings & accounts from hackers.

Number one, you must monitor your listing like a hawk. You need to watch for images being changed by hijackers, and you need to watch for the titles being changed by hackers. What hackers will do is they’ll change the images and they will change the titles to add their branding to your listings. Then they’ll make complaints against you.

Tip number two, if you have a brand registry, you still need to be careful about hijackers. Why? Amazon still allows itself Amazon retail and it also allows sellers who have vendor accounts to alter listings. It is clearly a problem with Amazon. It’s an issue that has not yet been addressed, but if you have brand registry, you still have to monitor listings to protect yourself against Amazon vendors and Amazon retail.

Tip number three, if your account gets hacked, Amazon blames you. What does Amazon claim and how can you use this information to protect yourself? What you need to do is make sure that your login information for your Amazon account is entirely different from your login information for other online accounts you might have. For example, you might have a Microsoft account where you get PowerPoint from. You want to make sure that your email address and your passwords are entirely different. You also want to make sure you’re using Amazon’s two-step verification, because if your account gets hacked, Amazon is going to blame you. One of the things Amazon will point out is that you didn’t use its two-step verification.

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