While most individuals who retain our firm are Amazon sellers, we do get other ecommerce businesses who are involved in the industry.

For instance, we were hired by an individual who runs a photography service. This person’s business is taking photographs for Amazon sellers to use as their unique listing images, helping to ensure they are not infringing on anyone’s copyright. In addition, they also offer to have these images copyright protected for the brands.

Terms of Service Agreements

The individual came to us to have a Terms of Service Agreement drafted. Our client’s biggest concern was indemnification. Since our client is only taking photographic images of the products and not manufacturing them, he needs to make sure that he does not get sued in the event that one of his customers is sued for copyright infringement.

We are currently working on the draft of the terms of service agreement for him. We are making sure that he is indemnified; should there ever be a lawsuit against one of the individuals who purchased the photos, it won’t come back to him. We are doing everything in our power to strengthen this contract in his favor, making sure that it includes all the terms he wants included.

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