How We Won A Design Patent Complaint Case Against The Wooden Wick Co.

When Wooden Wick Co. filed a complaint against our client for a patent infringement, we knew we had to fight back. We won the case and got our client’s account reinstated on Amazon!

Watch this video to learn more about our experience and how you can protect yourself from lawsuits.

Winning account reactivation after receiving Design Patent complaints

There has been an increase in design patent complaints being brought against Amazon sellers, therefore it is important to know how to respond to these claims and get your seller account reactivated by Amazon.

When a client of our firm received a design patent complaint from a big brand, the first step we took was analyzing the design to see if there was any merit to the claim of infringement or if it was baseless. This should also be the first step taken independently by sellers who are accused of intellectual property infringement of any kind.

The next thing we did was write a legal opinion letter which details why the claim made is baseless and send it to the brand that filed a complaint. The brand is obligated to retract baseless claims or they become vulnerable to legal claims for interfering with the Amazon seller contracts and for defamation.  The goal of this process is to get the patent infringement claim retracted so that Amazon will reactivate your seller account and reinstate your product listing.