Amazon Sellers Lawyer: Celebrating Our Team’s Success

All right, Amazon sellers, here’s some of our team’s success cases from the incredible group of people that work with us at Let me get into the absolutely awesome successes our team had lately.

First of all, Ashley is an incredible paralegal. Absolutely awesome. She does plans of action, she deals with IP issues. She is our right hand in arbitrations against Amazon. This last week, she won a related accounts case, which are not easy cases to win. A husband and wife had accounts. The wife’s account was the older of the two. Ashley got that account reinstated. Killer job, Ashley. She also won an intellectual property rights suspension where a seller accidentally used trademark terms in their listing. Ashley, you rock.

Anthony won a really difficult used sold as new case. He also did it in an unusual way. He used the stranded inventory button in order to submit the POA, and we got the seller reinstated. Absolutely awesome. Also, Tony was able to get a red points IP complaint retracted. The way we do it is we show them we are attorneys, we know what is and what is not a valid complaint. Theirs was baseless. They retracted it. Awesome job. Also, Tony won another IP case where it had to do with the use of images. What’s unusual about copyright, if you don’t need to file anything in order to own the intellectual property rights, as soon as you take the picture or write the verbiage, you own copyright interest in it. But also, if you use somebody else’s picture, they own copyright interest in it as well. Whoever creates the creative work owns copyright, whether they file it with the government or not.

Jacques had a huge velocity win. Declan, he’s on his way to law school next year.

Declan kicked butt winning another trademark complaint.

If you are an Amazon seller and you’re facing challenges by Amazon, by sellers’ dirty tricks, or any intellectual property issues, contact us for a free consultation 1-877-9-SELLER. We are the best in the world because we have an incredible team behind us. I couldn’t be more grateful for the fantastic work done by our team for sellers all over the world.