AMZ FALSELY Accusing Sellers of Pricing Discrepancies And REFUSING To Give Back Their Inventory

If you’ve been unable to get your money out of Amazon because you are falsely accused of pricing discrepancies, this video is for you.

Okay, Amazon sellers, there are many, many bumps in the road when it comes to selling products on Amazon and we have seen cases where you’re accused of pricing discrepancies.

You delivered the products to Amazon’s FBA. They sold the products to consumers. They asked for your invoices. You sent it to them and you’re just banging your head against a wall and you can’t get Amazon to release your money to you.

The last option you have, when you’ve exhausted plans of action and the appeals, your option is to take Amazon to binding arbitration under the rules promulgated, big word, by the American Arbitration Association and that is the final dispute resolution that you have with Amazon.

The way arbitration works is you file a demand for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association. You send it over to Amazon, to a particular address. You get an arbitrator assigned, through a process, and you proceed with your case. There are really two great things about arbitration against Amazon.

Just by filing the arbitration, you get two entirely new teams to look at your claims and if you are right, often these cases will settle and the teams that you get to look at are Amazon’s legal department. It’s actually outside council and then they work with Amazon’s paralegals on the inside.

When we can’t resolve the case, you get the decisions made by someone who’s not employed by Amazon, an independent arbitrator. So by hook or by crook, these cases often resolve in a way where you are getting your money. You are getting your inventory.

If you want to learn more about taking your issues to arbitration against Amazon? Contact us in any one of these four ways. Submit your case online and I’ll give you a call back. We’ll discuss your options, your costs, how long it’s anticipated to take. But, I want you to know that Amazon is not the final decision maker if it owes you money or it has your inventory.