Amazon Deliberately Delaying Response Times – What Can You Do When Seller Support is Unreachable

I love fast responses from Amazon when we provide a plan of action or addressing an IP complaint. And that’s what this video is about, how you can get faster responses from Amazon.

Okay. So, I am like a do-it-now type guy. I want instantaneous gratification. If you call me on the phone, I take your call. I’m like, “Email me your information right now, let’s address it right now.” And one of the most frustrating things about working with Amazon is that you submit a plan of action, or you get a retraction of an IP complaint, and there’s sometimes a significant delay in Amazon getting back to you.

Now, for the last five, six, seven years or so, Amazon’s policy is to respond to your plan of action within 48 hours. They don’t always do it, but that’s what they’re supposed to do.

But I’m going to let you know about two email addresses, where we are now finding we’re getting even faster responses than seller performance, than seller support.

So here are the email addresses, because the teams responding to emails sent to these email addresses at Amazon are responding faster than we have seen in a really long time. So, here are the email addresses. Here are your golden nuggets for watching this video. Resolutions is plural, sellers is plural. Also, and this is a new email address, When seller support is unreachable, we are finding that responses to these two email addresses are coming in faster than when we’re writing to Jeff at Amazon or A Jazzy at Amazon. If you need a faster response or you just want a faster response to your communication with Amazon, try these two email addresses.

We’re having great results with them, and I hope you do as well.