How to Retract Pending IP Complaints & Preserve Your Sales on Amazon

If you have any intellectual property right complaints against your account, this video is for you.

So, you’re selling on Amazon. You’re selling other brand of products. They are 100% genuine, and you get an intellectual property right complaint. It doesn’t take you down. It just is pending against your account. And like every seller, large and small, you have no idea how many intellectual property right complaints your business can withstand before Amazon suspends you.

So, what do you do? Well, I’ll tell you what we do. How we protect sellers all over the country and all over the world who are facing this issue, just like you might be facing this issue. We create a list of all the IP complaints. Most recent going all the way back, and we start at the top, the most recent ones first.

We reach out to whoever made that complaint, and we try and persuade them to retract the complaint.

Now, I don’t think you should ever expect 100% success, and you don’t need 100% success. The more of those IP complaints that you get retracted from the same email that made the complaint, the healthier your Amazon account will be. The healthier your business. The safer your business will be, since nobody knows exactly how many complaints any individual account can withstand. It does seem to be the case that the more sales you have, the larger a seller you are, the more of these complaints your account can withstand. We’ve even seen accounts with hundreds of intellectual property right complaints.

But, the safest thing to do, the way to preserve your income, to keep what you’ve got, is to address the complaints as they come in. And, if you’ve neglected to do that, you can hire my team to start working on the most recent ones first, get as many retracted as possible, so that hopefully your account never gets suspended.