Amazon Complaint: When Is A Counterfeit Complaint Baseless?

As an Amazon seller, when is a counterfeit complaint baseless?

Counterfeit complaints can be filed against Amazon sellers for a variety of reasons, but not all of them are valid.

In this video, we’ll discuss when a counterfeit complaint might be baseless and what to do if you receive one.

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How to Persuade Amazon Staff to Retract a Baseless IP Complaint

Jacques was dealing with a common issue we see at our firm: a rights owner who submitted a baseless complaint against our client alleging intellectual property infringement.

How to Avoid Harassment From Red Points When They Send You Baseless Counterfeit Complaints

Amazon sellers who’ve received a complaint from Red Points: If the counterfeit complaint was baseless, contact me right now, as soon as you watch this video. We want to group you together with other Amazon sellers and go after this company to protect you to make sure they never make any more complaints against you, and also potentially stop them from harassing sellers all over the world.

Resolve Baseless Complaints From Law Firms Who Threaten To Sue

There’s a law firm out there called Vorys and they have sent likely thousands, if not tens of thousands of letters to Amazon sellers for all sorts of products claiming that you can’t sell their products for a whole bunch of different reasons.