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I’m going to be talking to you a bit about copyright complaints on Amazon and the clear cut things you should not do as a seller and the clear cut violations of your IP rights if you own your own brand, private label or whatever you call it. Before we get to that, Anthony Zhang from our team is going to be talking to you about the top three causes of used sold as new complaints that resulted in us having to write killer plans of action to get the sellers back on.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer - Anthony ZhangHello everyone – my name is Anthony Zhang. Today, my topic is used sold as new complaints on Amazon, and what the three most common issues we see AMZ sellers have that leads to these complaints.

The first issue we often see is the fact that the sellers have either outdated or old products in inventory. Sometimes when you source a lot of inventory, it doesn’t always get sold out. So the remaining inventory might become outdated. If shipped to a customer, the customer might file a complaint for a used item being sold.

The second most common thing we see is with returned products. A lot of times the returned products are not properly checked by the seller. As an example, electronics might be inside the battery components or for other products, it might be small details within the product itself, the packaging is dirty or has signs of use. So make sure that you’re checking all of your returns and making sure that if you’re selling them again, that you open them up and make sure there’s nothing on it when you sell again.

The third most common thing we see for what causes used sold as new complaints is the insufficiency of packaging. So if you’re not filling your boxes with enough filling to make sure that the items are not moving around too much when being shipped, or if you’re choosing a plastic envelope instead of a paper box, it might not offer enough protection for the items.

So in the end, these are the three common issues that we see. Make sure they are not happening so you don’t get used sold as new complaints. If you are getting used sold as new complaints, you can always call us 1-877-9-SELLER.

Amazon IndiaBefore we get to copyright law and copyright complaints on Amazon for third party sellers and private label sellers, I want to talk to you one more time about sourcing products.

If you are not diversifying where you get your products from, you are putting your business at risk. I strongly suggest that you look at India as a country to source products from. Checkout

First, extremely high quality goods come out of India. Leather and textiles, wood products, metal products, and all sorts of other things come out of India with extremely high quality. I’ve been to factories in India. The people that work there care about what they do. They’re sitting there making garments, and they’re standing making products, wearing shirts and ties in spotless factories. You have to check them out for high quality goods. Also, there is no trade war with India. There are no extra taxes, sanctions, tariffs, or other political upheavals between our government and the Indian government.

copyright lawClear copyright violations for sellers.
This is what you need to know.

Also please download a free copy of our book, The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Copyright Law.

So here are the basics for Amazon sellers…

Number one, you cannot copy and paste somebody else’s images. You cannot take images off the internet and use those images to create a listing on Amazon. That is a slam dunk violation if you do it. If you’re a private label brand, and someone has taken your image from your website and put it up on Amazon, they have clearly violated your intellectual property rights.

Number two, you can’t copy and paste somebody else’s verbiage. Copyright law protects any type of creative work, pictures, verbiage, songs, jingles, artwork. So the number two source of copyright complaints on Amazon are when third party sellers copy and paste the verbiage about a product and create a listing about it.

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