Inside Information From Amazon’s Staff In India: Delivery Driver SPS Team

I want to talk to you about four different people that worked for Amazon that I approached. They were all taking cigarette breaks. It was three young men and a young woman. The three young men were all at the basic level, what they call freshers, meaning fresh out of college, and the woman who was just slightly older, maybe she was 24 years old, and what she did is she supervised a team of freshers. All lower level Amazon staff. What I want to tell you about is the young woman. After we talked and gave me just a ton of information, she came back out a little bit later on with a guy in his thirties who came over and talked to me and very, very politely asked me to stop speaking with his Amazon team. He couldn’t actually bring himself to ask me to leave, but it was clear that’s what he wanted. He was so incredibly polite that after 5 or 10 minutes I just simply said, “Sir, would you like me to leave?” He said, “Yes,” and he made the hand signal that was very common in India and I left for the night. It didn’t hurt that it was about 2:00 o’clock in the morning and I was tired. But back to the SPS team..

The delivery driver SPS team deals with delivery disputes by drivers delivering products to Amazon’s consumers.

They worked in an environment that was apolitical, where they were able to obtain advancement in their careers based upon tests and not recommendations. Each one of the four were just entirely happy working with Amazon. They all were required to have college degrees in order to have this job and they told me that there were 600 applicants for 30 positions on this team. They also talked to me about the leadership principles and how the leadership principles were ingrained in every aspect of their job, every aspect of their day, beginning with their initial interviews to get the jobs at Amazon. They talked about Amazon collecting data from them and from other teams. Only they weren’t exactly sure how the data was used, but every email was logged, and every interaction was logged. When it came specifically to delivery drivers, when a delivery driver complained about traffic, even that information was maintained.

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