Inside Information From Amazon’s Staff In India: Bezos Team for Consumer Complaints in the UK

In this video, I talk to you about the Bezos teams for consumer complaints in the UK. I would have preferred to spend my time speaking with seller support, seller performance, and the NPA teams that analyze intellectual property rights complaints. But as I was approaching Amazon staff, I followed whatever path was put in front of me to get as much information about Amazon as possible. So this was a conversation I had with two guys who were working together taking a cigarette break.

There are two teams for escalations of consumer complaints in the UK – a lower team and a higher team based upon the seriousness of the complaint.

Both teams are entirely consumer-centric. I couldn’t get these people to ever admit, not even one time, to agree with a third-party seller. They always bent over backward to agree with the consumer. I couldn’t get them to admit to even identifying one consumer pulling a scam, which if you’re a third-party seller, you know happens all the time. These two people from the Bezos team for consumer complaints in the UK were 100% unreceptive to the fact that there are many consumers all over the world that make baseless complaints just to get their products for free.

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