How Amazon Sellers Can Avoid ‘Used Sold as New’ Complaints & High ODR Rates

Hello AMZ sellers, my name is Anthony. I’m a paralegal here at Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall PC. Today I want to talk to you about Amazon’s extended return season, and used sold as new complaints.

We all know that having a high return rate increases your order defect rate, but we also know that having many returns can increase the chance of you receiving a ‘used sold as new‘ complaint. This is because Amazon always requires customers to enter a reason for their returns. And a lot of these reasons could contribute to this.

Here are three tips on how to avoid used sold as new complaints.

1. Close any listing experiencing negative customer complaints, ensuring that all issues are resolved before listed again.

This will help reduce new complaints & other complaints as well on Amazon.

2. Allocate additional resources to your customer service team and also to the processing of returns.

This will not only reduce the chance of receiving additional complaints from your returns, but also shows Amazon that you’re proactive in addressing customer concerns.

3. Make sure you have valid invoices.

We consistently see that Amazon requests invoices for used sold as new complaints. Use invoices to show Amazon that you have sourced all of your products in good condition and make sure that your invoices cover all of your sales within the past 365 days.

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