Increase in false IP complaints + European-based Amazon sellers looking for insurance

As a law firm that represents Amazon sellers, we have the unique ability to recognize upticks and trends that are beginning to disrupt businesses on the Amazon platform.

Today, I’m introducing a member from our fantastic Client Relations team, Marisol, who has gained a unique insight into trending issues by dealing directly with sellers on a daily basis. Our team has begun to see an uptick in 2 main areas: IP complaints and European-based entities looking for insurance.

IP complaints can be threatening to many Amazon sellers because, not only do they affect your account tremendously, but they present legal ramifications for your business.

One of the recent upticks that Marisol and our team have begun to see is an increase in IP complaints from not just VORYS, but other legal entities as well.

One particular legal entity, Red Points, has been a cause for many of these recent complaints. Red Points is a brand protection company that is headquartered in Spain but has offices in the US and China. While their job is to protect companies from infringing on rights owners, they often do it at the cost of Amazon sellers. While a letter or complaint from a brand protection company like Red Points may be intimidating, our experience has led us to develop tools to help fight back against these claims of infringement.

The second uptick our team has been seeing is European-based entities looking for insurance.

Amazon sellers that sell over $10,000 in merchandise should be aware of the help we can provide. The most effective way we can help is by putting you in touch with the best insurance brokers we can. Our firm will put you in contact with Ashlyn, who is based out of Indiana, and licensed to provide insurance in all 50 states. She is not only an extremely talented woman but our own insurance broker and a friend to the firm.

While many sellers may be wondering why they would need insurance, there are three major reasons to reach out to Ashlyn today.

The first is that Amazon requires sellers to have it. There’s no way around it, Amazon has simply deemed it necessary for sellers on their platform.

The second reason is if a seller gets sued or a claim of a lawsuit, the insurance company assigns you a free lawyer. This is what we call the ‘obligation to defend’. Oftentimes, this obligation is more important than the obligation to indemnify because there’s a bunch of frivolous lawsuits in America.

The third reason is indemnification, or compensation for harm or loss. This means that they pay for injuries or the house that gets burned down.

Now the question you may be wondering is why would European-based entities be inquiring about insurance in America?

In order to get insurance in the United States, you need an entity, or you need an address depending on the state. We can walk you through the process of how to get a US corporation, put your IP rights into it and get you insurance. While the finer details of what each state requires will be taken care of when we put you in touch with Ashlyn, we will get you the insurance you need to get you back to selling.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with the constant headaches of Amazon, our firm has the expertise and tools to guide you through the process. Whether it’s breaking down seller issues, getting you in touch with trusted insurance brokers for Amazon or defending against false IP complaints, we’re here to help.

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