Amazon Dropshipping Suspension – Our Winning Reinstatement Success Story

One of the things our firm takes pride in is hiring the best and brightest people out there. This helps to provide not only well written plans of action but innovative solutions to the constant headaches Amazon causes sellers.

Jacques LavaudWe’d like to take the opportunity today to introduce you to one of our team members, Jacques. He does a bit of everything here ranging from working with our litigation team to writing stellar plans of action to get your account reinstated. One of Jacques’ many successes this past week had to do with drop shipping. For many sellers, drop shipping is a viable business method and a way to provide a variety of merchandise to customers.

While drop shipping has become more popular with sellers, it has been a major target of Amazon crack downs.

This case involved a customer who had confused an Amazon product with that of a product the customer had ordered from Costco. The customer filed a complaint with Amazon accusing our client of drop shipping when in fact it was a matter of confusing the two different orders. While we cannot divulge the specifics of the case, Jacques was able to identify the issue and effectively present it to Amazon. His hard work and creative thinking got the client their account reinstated on the first try!

Dropshipping issues are not the only Amazon issues our firm can handle.

Whether it’s a listing suspension, conditional complaints like Used Sold as New or Inauthentic, or temporary restraining orders, we can help you address all the headaches of selling on Amazon. Our firm doesn’t just keep all our secrets to ourselves. Our website provides free content guiding you through any issue an AMZ seller may encounter. In addition to our website, our Client Relations team can be reached for a free consultation if you’re having trouble handling account issues on your own.

In addition to the resources that are available for free on our website, our firm has developed an in-depth book for sellers that covers a range of issues. For a donation as low as one dollar, you can download the Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Suspensions and Reinstatements.

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This firm started and has continued to grow because battling Amazon on your own can be a frustrating experience.

Keeping up to date with the continual changes in policies can be difficult even for the most seasoned Amazon seller. We have an edge, honed by experience, but a little bit of luck always helps as well. If you’re struggling with a listing takedown, Amazon dropshipping suspension, or any other Amazon related issue, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation. We’ll do everything we can to help you resolve your issue.

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