How Sellers Choose an Arbitrator When Filing For Arbitrations Against Amazon

I received a call from an Amazon seller who was going through the arbitration process, because Amazon either is stealing his money or not return earning his inventory. He had some questions for me about how to pick an arbitrator once you hit that point.

So after you file your demand for arbitration, you’ve given it to Amazon, paid your fees, then you’re going to get a list of potential arbitrators. It’s usually 5 to 7 different people.

What we look for, we do research on each one and now we have a library of them. We look for each one and if you’re an Amazon seller, you’re probably a smaller business. So we look for lawyers or retired judges who seem to have a history of working for the little guy. The David, not the Goliath.

Amazon seems to choose the really big fancy corporate guys.

They also tend to choose arbitrators where Amazon has had cases with them before.

So what you do is you number your choices one through five. Amazon does the same and the first common arbitrator is usually the one that’s assigned to your case.

You also have the right to strike one or sometimes two of the people on the list. And again, knock out anyone who has a relationship or their firm has a relationship with Amazon. And I strongly suggest that if they are a white shoe fancy lawyer who’s worked in an ivory tower for years, get rid of them.

You want an arbitrator who’s worked with small business people or people directly.

To learn more about the arbitrations that we take for sellers against Amazon, or if you need help or want a free consultation on how we choose an arbitrator, call us. I try and be available for sellers seven days a week, 365 days a year. If I’m not available, we have a huge team who does nothing but help Amazon sellers.