How to Avoid Receiving Intellectual Property Right Violations as a Drop Shipper on Amazon

Winning reinstatement for drop shippers is absolutely awesome.

If you are a dropshipper or you are a partial dropshipper, then this video is for you.

As a drop shipper on, you usually will become suspended as a seller because products arrive at your consumer’s doorstep with packaging other than Amazon-approved packaging. This is a big issue for Amazon! Do not dropship products with Walmart packaging or Home Depot packaging or Best Buy. Then the consumer will contact Amazon and complain, “Hey, I didn’t order from Walmart or Best Buy or Home Depot… Why am I receiving their packages?”

That is what gets you suspended as a drop shipper on

In this particular case, our dropshipping client was suspended because he received intellectual property right violations. So you got to take it out of the dropshipping world in a way that you can win. You know if there’s an obstacle, you can go through it. You can go over it. You can go under it. You can cut it in half. You always got to find another way to get past the obstacle to be successful.

That’s exactly what my team did. They forgot all about the drop shipping aspect of the case, and solely attacked the intellectual property issue. And guess what? Another victory by, our incredible team of paralegals and lawyers, and my killer partners.

This seller is back on Amazon making money. Do you want to learn more?

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