When Amazon is charging you too much to store your product or they’re charging you a higher rate because Amazon’s saying your product is larger than it really is, what are your options?

First, contact an account reconciliation vendor.

There are many out there. We recommend a company called Seller Strategies. Google Amazon account reconciliation. They’ll teach you how to put in a case or they’ll handle it for you. They generally charge you by keeping a percentage of whatever they recover from you.

You would be absolutely stunned as to how much money Amazon takes from sellers by overcharging, not just for the size of your product in storage, but there are often tremendous amounts of overcharges for pick, pack, and ship from the FBA warehouses.

Now, when do we come into the picture? We’re only really helpful to you when Amazon has literally overcharged you by tens of thousands of dollars. 40,000, 50,000 or more in overcharges. Your cases with Amazon are unsuccessful, the account reconciliation companies have failed, now you want to hire us to take Amazon to arbitration. One of the great things about your contract with Amazon (one of the few good things about your contract with Amazon) is that you have the right to take Amazon to arbitration rather than litigation.

When it comes to claims under a million dollars, arbitration is a really great process because it’s fast and it’s cheap. If Amazon has stolen more than a million dollars from you, then arbitration is awful because the rules change and you actually have to pay for a panel of three arbitrators, which quintuple your costs. But most sellers are not in that predicament.

If Amazon is overcharging you, try Seller Strategies, or another AMZ account reconciliation company.

If the damages exceed $40,000 or more, call us for an arbitration to get your inventory / money back.

As far as we are aware, and this comes from Amazon’s outside counsel, we handle 75% of all the arbitrations against Amazon. Rob and Ashley lead the team on Amazon arbitrations. I’ve litigated cases for decades so I believe that I am the world’s best litigator when it comes to Amazon arbitrations about FBA storage fees.

The damages have to make sense to warrant the cost of the arbitration. If you want to learn more about arbitration when it comes to recouping inventory or money by taking Amazon to arbitration, call 1-877-9-SELLER.