Your biggest challenge when it comes to your Amazon business – I asked you to share your biggest challenges when it comes to your AMZ business. Here’s a few of the answers I got:

>>> False intellectual property claims. Amazon suspending listing by bot. IP, copyright, trademark complaints…

>>> Expanding the business in uncertain times and changing legal landscapes.

>>> Rogue resellers of our premium products on Amazon, many of whom appear to be outside USA. This is destroying our US business as our loyal customers can no longer sell our products profitably.

>>>Amazon competitor with 3 selling accounts listing the same products to steal the buy box

>>>Keeping up with Amazon constantly changing rules and harassing us — — it is a constant cat and mouse game with them– Also sales have slowed down this year

>>>Illegal Sellers into North America from Japan and China

>>>Dealing with manufacturers shutting down listings with Rights Owner Complaints. They eventually get overturned on appeal to Amazon but we lose thousands of dollars in the process.

There are a bunch of other challenges but those are the recurring themes for Amazon sellers.

It’s not surprising to hear some of the common concerns on Amazon like how competitors steal sales from you and that it takes a whole lot of effort or there’s nothing else we can do about that.

To which I say, “Absolutely not!”

Most sellers find it hard to address this kind of concern and they have the fear of losing a lot of money or shutting down their own business eventually.

Product sourcing issues, inventory management, Amazon changing policies, inauthentic suspensions, stolen sales, selling your Amazon business at a low price…

All of which can be addressed with the proper business foundation.

But here’s the caveat…

If you want to make sales without any effort whatsoever and just take the right type of action daily to ensure you’re moving forward…

If you don’t want to educate yourself so you won’t be reactive to the confusing Amazon marketing which delivers only short term results therefore affecting your motivation…

I can’t help you with that.

============== SOLUTION =============

I only know 1 proven way

…One that will equip you with knowledge to outsmart the industry norms.
…One that will put real value in your business.
…One that will help you grow your sales.
…One that will help your account avoid getting unnecessary complaints.
…One that will show you what not to do in your business.
…One that will show you what you’ve been missing all these years.

It’s possible and easier than you think.

So where and how do you get started?

Ah, that’s where I come in.

You see, I have put effort into collating years of experience dealing with Amazon insiders, finding solutions and helping sellers grow their business exponentially.

Things like:

>>> You don’t know how get rid of sellers copying and stealing your sales
– Why not learn how to outsmart them with proven ways

>>> You have the fear of shutting down or not getting enough money when you sell your Amazon business
– Why not learn strategies that will allow your business to earn its value and earn millions when you sell it.

>>> You don’t know why you keep getting conflicts with your suppliers and contractors
– Why not learn about different contracts to secure yourself and how to use them.

>>> You keep getting your listings suspended for no apparent reason
– Why not learn how to bullet-proof your business from ridiculous policy violations

>>> You don’t have a backup plan when your account gets suspended.
– Why not be prepared with diversifying to keep your business running while you have your Amazon account suspended?

Those and a whole bunch more.

So, I’m opening the doors to our Amazon Training Center where I will give you my proven ways to know better when it comes to these common concerns.

I will warn you though, this isn’t a ‘quick fix, band-aid’ program.

There’s already a lot of them out there without any guarantee of results.

Rather, this is a ‘learn it and transform permanently’ kind of program while still having the kind of business you want to have.

Sounds like a great way to get ahead of everyone else?

How about making it your reality?

Especially when you hear that this course is going to be an On-Demand course where you could take it at any convenient time.


I can’t wait to welcome you to the Amazon Training Center Family.

…Think about how it would be like knowing the next move to take because you know exactly how to build and grow your business tremendously.

– CJ