Write Effective Plans of Action to Amazon’s Staff & Resolve Complaints

Case study 01312. This was a seller who had IP complaints, safety complaints, and expired product issues.

I’m going to talk to you about how Chris won this case for one of our awesome clients. Chris is an absolutely awesome asset to our firm. He’s a brilliant guy. He knows Amazon inside and out, and I couldn’t be more blessed to have him on our team.

Chris was helping a seller who had all three problems. So, Chris started attacking it one by one. Now remember, when you’re trying to persuade Amazon staff in India with effective Plans of Action (I met these people, okay, I went to Hyderabad, and I interviewed as many of these people as I could) What you want to do is to persuade them to reinstate your account, and persuade them to reinstate your listing. They’re looking out for Amazon’s interests.

The expired product, Chris argued a better mechanism for preventing products going to FBA, where the expiration date was coming up.

In terms of the intellectual property copyright complaint, Chris reached out to the rights owner, and was able to get a retraction.

When it came to the safety complaint, we looped that in with the expiration and identified clearly what our seller was going to do to be a better business person, to protect Amazon’s consumers. Even more, that Amazon’s consumers would not have any more issues with our Amazon seller.

I’m very proud of Chris. I’m really happy for the seller because they are reinstated back to selling on Amazon from ourĀ Plan of Action. If you have any Amazon related issues or concerns: