When to Settle a Lawsuit and WIN!

When is it a good idea to settle a lawsuit, even if you know you can win?

There are times when you should NOT fight for your case, and there are times when it’s in your best interest to take the offer the other side is giving you, and here I’m going to tell you when those times are.

When to settle a lawsuit even if you can win

Sometimes when you are faced with a lawsuit for a product that has harmed or allegedly harmed someone, it is better to settle the case even if you think you would win at trial. You should consider settling if the settlement amount is less than the cost of going to trial including defense lawyers, expert witnesses, travel time, and time spent in court.

The outcome of a trial can never be predicted with complete accuracy, so it is important that you consider the risk involved in going to trial and eliminate risk where possible by settling for a number that saves you money.