Tips on How to Become a Successful AMZ Seller in 2022

3 tips to be successful selling products on Amazon, from Vincent, one of our brilliant paralegals.

Before I get into the three tips by Vin (he even gave me a fourth bonus tip for you), I want to answer a question….

How long does an Amazon suspension last?

I can tell you, there are many suspensions that we get reinstated within minutes or hours, many of them. There are others that could take weeks and weeks, especially if you’re doing the plan of action yourself. So I have to say that if you looked globally, out of all the sellers I’ve interacted with, the tens of thousands of sellers, possibly hundreds of thousands, that the average suspension is roughly one week. I know that’s awful, I know that means you’re not making money, or your listing is down, but you asked a question, I gave the answer.

How long does Amazon suspension last? Overall, for sellers around the world, it’s one week.

Tip number one, keep a cohesive supply chain.

Keep your documents in order so you can send them to Amazon at the drop of the dime.

Tip number two, do not dropship any orders after you’ve promised Amazon that you’re no longer going to engage in dropshipping.

So you can start your account that way, but if you wrote a plan of action that says you’re not going to dropship anymore, you know, you really should stop doing it.

Tip number three, stay on top of your metrics.

Amazon provides you the killer dashboard as the ODR rate, and all the other things, your account health, you got to stay on top of all that stuff.

So those are the top three tips from Vincent, and here is his fourth, his bonus tip for you…

When you’re selling branded products, before you jump in with both feet, you want to review the gated brands. You want to review the gated brands prior to jumping on that listing. Certainly, prior to buying the products and dumping a whole bunch of money into something that might be gated.

So that’s tip number 4 on becoming a successful AMZ seller: review gated brands before you jump in too deep with your money.

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