Book Sellers on Amazon: Threatening Rights Owners is a Dangerous Game

A lot of our clients end up dealing with rights owners on their own before they reach out to us.

They have some type of correspondence with the rights owner and it tends to get hostile a little too quickly. I say this knowing that a lot of my clients have gotten results from this in the past, but it also comes with a cost.

First of all, litigation is no place a small or medium-sized business owner wants to be. If you’re not going to pull the trigger, there’s no point in threatening it.

Number two, people who are there protecting the brands are not always, but usually, solely there to protect the brand. By threatening them, you’re not really getting anywhere. This pertains to people in companies that make complaints on Amazon as well.

You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

So threatening rights owners is not the way to go. It is always best to be more professional & courteous, explain that you didn’t violate anyone’s rights because you’re buying and selling genuine products.

Threatening rights owners is a dangerous game. Don’t do it. It’s not helpful. It doesn’t help get your listings or your  Amazon account back.

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