Amazon FORCING Sellers to Join VIDEO Conference CALLS for Business Verifications Using AMAZON CHIME

What I want to talk to you about today are business verification issues and the new twist going on at Amazon.

Video conferencing with you, Amazon, and the seller, using Amazon’s Zoom-like platform called Amazon Chime.

What Amazon is doing now is they’re taking a platform that it built and owns, and introducing it to you by forcing you to get on an Amazon Chime video conference as part of its business verification system. And I believe that this serves two purposes over at Amazon.

The first thing is to do the business verification.

Amazon changed their terms of service. It’s actually called the business solutions agreement as well. They changed it so that business verifications would be continuous in nature. It’s not just for new sellers. It’s for all sellers where Amazon can, at any point, ask you to verify who you are, the products you’re selling, and anything else about your account. So number one, it’s serving the verification purpose so that Amazon can continuously vet its sellers.

What it’s also doing is introducing you to another Amazon service, Amazon Chime.

Now, the system works pretty good. It’s just as good as Zoom. We’ve had no crashes, no failures. We’re not using it as a regular part of our business because I don’t ever want to be in bed with Amazon. I want to be able to help Amazon sellers without ever being beholden to Amazon. But the system works very well. And who best to test it, to beta test it on than you because you have to take the call.

So Amazon sellers, whether it’s right / wrong, if Amazon contacts you, it wants to do a business verification through Amazon Chime. 100% say yes, accept the call, schedule the Chime and make sure you have all your ducks in a row so that you can continue to sell an Amazon by complying with this Amazon verification system. I also think it wouldn’t hurt you to tell the Amazon rep how great Chime works.

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