Creating Cases With Seller Support for Problematic Brand Registered Product Listings on Amazon

Amazon sellers, I want to talk to you today about a problem that sellers are having, where you have great access to products that already have listings on Amazon. I want to thank one of my clients for giving me this information, and I want to share it with all of you.

Only you are experienced enough to know that the listing itself is problematic. It has trademark terms as references to pesticide, or has other violations in the product, or it’s not an accurate product description and you want to sell that product but you don’t have the ability to fix the listing.

While Amazon provides you a great opportunity to sell your product/s, there are always ongoing and ever-changing issues.

So if you see a listing and you want to sell in that listing, but you know, there are problems you may want to consider doing what this super experienced seller did and not jump on that listing because you don’t want to risk your account going down even for one day because of a listing that somebody else created or another brand controls.

So what can you do? Well, I have two methods and neither of them are great, but this is what we have. If any one of you have a better way of handling it, please let me know:

Number one, create a case with seller support. Let Amazon know that there’s a problem with that listing. It has a reference that’s inappropriate. It has a trademark term in the backend, or it hasn’t pesticide indication or whatever it is. Let Amazon know. Open a case and that may or may not solve the problem.

Number two, you can also contact the brand directly. Now, while you can do this, the brand has sort of a vested interest in not fixing it. If it’s making sales one, they stopping you from jumping on because you don’t want to take the risk. And number two, they’re going along making money, making sales. So they may not have an interest in changing it at all. But those are the two ways that we know about to fix this issue. And if anyone of you has a better way of handling this issue with brand registered product listings, contact us.


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