How To SafeGuard Your Online AMZ Based Business After Violating Amazon’s Terms of Service

You want your multiple accounts on Amazon to be safer? You want to make sure your income stream is protected as much as possible? This video is for you.

Everybody wants to safeguard their income, and everybody wants to grow their income. So when you are growing your income, you’re selling on Amazon, you’re, like, “You know what? If Amazon shuts me down, if they suspend that account, I’m toast. I have no income until Amazon Sellers Lawyer gets my account reinstated. So I’m going to open up another Amazon account and then another, and another.” Sometimes you develop extra brands.

This video contains some tips for you to safeguard your Amazon-based business when you are violating your contract with Amazon by having more than one account.

Number one, always use a VPN to sign onto your other accounts so Amazon can’t track the IP address.

But better yet, I’ve recently learned there are these things called remote servers where you can pay a few bucks, you get a remote server that is identified as being in a particular place, and unlike a VPN, they have static IP. So every time you log into that account, it’s coming from the same IP address that’s located in someplace else. Maybe you’re here in New York, but your remote server with your static IP address is located in Oklahoma. Great tip. I learned it from another seller.

Number two, use different bank accounts.

Many sellers think that as long as you have separate bank accounts for each of your related accounts, each of your Amazon-based businesses, that you’re pretty safe. I’m going to tell you to take that one step further. Use different banks and even 10X that to actually going to get a bank account where your remote server is located. So again, you are here in New York, you’re using a remote server that’s putting you in Oklahoma, go to Kennedy Airport, jump on a plane, go to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and open a bank account there. Totally separate, separate the accounts.

Tip number three, don’t use the same people to help you run the different accounts.

Many of us are looking to save on the opportunity cost of having one person fill several different roles. Maybe have someone on your team who’s just awesome at creating listings so you want to use them on all your accounts. It’s a really bad idea. Human beings make human mistakes. So if you hire three different people, each one for your different accounts, I think you’ll be a whole lot safer.

So those are today’s three tips to safeguard your Amazon-based business when you are already violating Amazon’s terms of service by operating more than one Amazon account.