Restricted Product & Banned Substance Suspensions for Amazon Sellers

So before focusing on Amazon, I was a personal injury trial lawyer and I always represented entrepreneurs, but I was the guy in the courtroom. And one of the arguments would be that if you didn’t have each one of these ingredients, you didn’t make your case.

What am I talking about here? I’m talking about banned substances or banned ingredients.

If you’re selling a product and it has an ingredient in it that Amazon doesn’t want on the platform, or you’re selling a product that has an ingredient that puts you into a restricted product, you have to be careful because we’re seeing more and more of these types of suspensions.

So whether it’s a restricted product or a banned substance, be really, really careful. We’re winning these cases, but they are certainly not easy.

Also, you got to make sure that your listings are accurate. If it has 10 substances in it, make sure your product has 10 substances in it. If it doesn’t, make sure it doesn’t have these substances.

And double-check your listings because these types of suspensions are unfortunately on the rise.

Amazon outlines all prohibited items in their guidelines – somewhere. It is quite difficult to find a concrete list of banned items. Regardless, some known prohibited items include the following: drug paraphernalia, illegal things, certain brands of health and beauty products, particular brands of toys and much more. If Amazon catches on and learns that you are selling prohibited items, you will be banned.

Thank you for joining me for today’s video and if you have questions about banned substance suspensions:


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