Learn How to Remove IP Complaints From Your Amazon Account & Maintain Your Income

If you want to know how to get baseless intellectual property complaints off your Amazon account, then this video is totally for you.

Okay, Amazon sellers, this is how we get intellectual property right complaints off your account, maintain your account health, maintain the safety of your business and your income and your ability to make payroll week after week.

We show the complainant that the complaint was baseless. How do we do it? They’re claiming counterfeit, we show them it was genuine. They’re claiming there’s a trademark violation, we show them the law. There is no trademark violation. They’re claiming that there’s some copyright violation, we show them that there is no intellectual property right violation. Specifically when it comes to counterfeit complaints, we also let them know and we are not shy about letting brand owners know this.

If you made a false counterfeit complaint, you may be on the hook for defamation, for interference with contract, and those are the legal claims that we use as leverage.

We also check the USPTO, we check the copyright office to see whether or not whoever made that complaint against you, do they even own the rights? So this is what we do to get intellectual property right complaints off your account and my incredible team of lawyers and paralegals, they’re just absolutely awesome. I couldn’t be more proud of our team. I couldn’t more proud of the sellers that hire us.

I want to let you know that more than a third of the business that we get are Amazon sellers who have already used us for other problems. So, if you want to learn more about how to remove IP complaints, you can always reach me or my team seven days a week, 24 hours a day.