How To Win Reinstatements when Amazon Cannot Authenticate Your Source

When Amazon can’t verify the source of your inventory, they may suspend your account.

But don’t worry, there are ways to win reinstatements and get your money back when Amazon can’t authenticate your source of inventory!

In this video, I’ll share methods that have helped Amazon sellers’ accounts be reinstated even when Amazon won’t accept their plans of action.

Some Amazon sellers are struggling to get their accounts reinstated and their funds released from Amazon due to issues authenticating the sources of their listed products. If you have attempted to resolve the issue with Amazon through plans of actions (POA) and appeals with no success, then you can file arbitration through the American Arbitration Association.


Amazon sellers are permitted to pursue legal action against Amazon through arbitration, as is stated by the terms of service agreement. When you file for arbitration the people who are reviewing your claim shift to Amazons outside legal counsel and their team, replacing the staff members who previously denied your attempts to resolve the issue through POAs and appeals.

A decision is made by an unbiased, third party judge based on the evidence provided and allows sellers to receive a fair analysis of the claims against them. Arbitrators are typically retired judges or judges and can be either a single individual or multiple arbitrators. The process of arbitration is a much quicker and less expensive process than litigation.