How To Win Reinstatements when Amazon Cannot Authenticate Your Source

When Amazon can’t verify the source of your inventory, they may suspend your account.

But don’t worry, there are ways to win reinstatements and get your money back when Amazon can’t authenticate your source of inventory!

In this video, I’ll share methods that have helped Amazon sellers’ accounts be reinstated even when Amazon won’t accept their plans of action.

Amazon is increasing its imposition on sellers to get on video conferences. In addition to authenticating who you are, now you can use this process to authenticate your products.

Want my advice? Take the call, get on the video conference with Amazon. Make sure in advance you have your sourcing documents. You can show the products are 100% genuine. You can show that the source of the products can be traced all the way back to the manufacturer. Have this all in advance so you can be like, “boom, here’s my invoice.

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