What To Do When You Receive Numerous IP Complaints on Amazon?

Multiple IP Complaints can be a serious issue for Amazon sellers.

If you receive Intellectual property complaints, what should you do?

In this video, we’ll offer some tips to help you protect your intellectual property and stay in compliance with Amazon’s policies.

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Resolving Numerous IP Complaints on Amazon

If you receive an intellectual property complaint, whether it be in trademark, copyright, utility or design patent, just address it immediately. The best way to keep your account healthy and to avoid suspensions is to address these complaints and get them withdrawn as soon as possible, even if it’s not an emergency. In the event that it is not an emergency, a seller can often negotiate a better deal with the rights owners who made the complaint and can point out that they did not violate their rights at all, or work out a licensing deal to resolve the issue.

Are You Receiving Email Notifications Containing Multiple IP Complaints?

Recently, Amazon sellers started reporting that they are receiving emails from Amazon containing multiple intellectual property (IP) complaints for different ASINs. Previously, these notifications only specified one ASIN and were sent individually. Why the change now, and what does it mean for sellers?