Celebrating Q4 Wins & Success from our Outstanding Team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Kerry is an absolutely brilliant paralegal, she’s the first paralegal we hired years and years ago. Here are her wins from the week:  a used sold as new, a case for a seller who had multiple intellectual property right complaints. In addition, Kerry took on a case after a seller used another vendor who submitted about four or five failed plans of action that were just awful. She reviewed all of them, came up with new arguments that didn’t contradict what had already been submitted and boom, Kerry got that seller reinstated. Huge week for Kerry. Congratulations, you are awesome.

Max, one of the newest members of our team, won two reinstatements in the same day, which is absolutely awesome. One was a review manipulation case and these are tremendously difficult to win. And the other was a related accounts case, which are also difficult cases to win. So Max, congratulations, you helped save jobs, you helped save people from the stresses of unemployment at a time where jobs are absolutely vital.

Declan, another brilliant member of our team, won the reinstatement after multiple intellectual property right complaints. Also where a seller had problems with copyright issues that were hidden by Amazon behind another issue. So Declan, absolutely awesome, couldn’t be more proud.

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For more cases of Q4 wins for Amazon sellers, view our reinstatement success page.

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