Patents Simplified – Learn the Differences Between Design and Utility Patents

Hi sellers. My name is Briana London, a paralegal here at Amazon Sellers Lawyer and today I am here with CJ.

CJ Rosenbaum – Welcome Amazon sellers.

Briana London – We’re going to be talking about design patents and utility patents. So just to start out, a design patent has to do with how a product looks. CJ, take us into it.

CJ Rosenbaum – Okay. Design patents, if someone else created a product and you as an Amazon seller decide you’re going to improve upon it, add zippers, add pockets, add patterns, diaper bag, wider shoulder blade, wider shoulder straps, narrower straps. I don’t care if you change the design enough, then you’re no longer violating the design, but design patent 101 is how the product looks.

Briana London – Key function. So now utility patents, is how a product functions. CJ, take it away.

CJ Rosenbaum – Again, you’re dumping all the heavy work on me. Okay.

Briana London – Oh come on.

CJ Rosenbaum – Briana is a brilliant paralegal. Okay. She should be answering more of these questions and if you watch more of our videos together, she’s going to be all over the content.

Briana London – Very true.

CJ Rosenbaum – A utility patent is how a product functions. It’s meant for new inventions. So you invent a new gadget, go for a utility patent. It is a license from the government that only you, as the inventor can sell the product, unless you issue licenses to somebody else.

When there is a utility patent issue, Amazon has this killer program called the Neutral Patent Evaluation Program where you can get the issues resolved for a whole lot less money than going to court. And a whole lot faster than going to court. And Rob Siegel, my partner, leads our team in handling neutral patent evaluation cases.

Briana London – Wow. Very, very, very informative. If you guys want more content on utility patents and design patents: