Litigation Assets: Court Orders FORCING Amazon to REVEAL Hijacker Identification & Obtain Damages

How can you find out what litigation tools can you use to find out who keeps hijacking your listing?

Amazon will often refuse to identify who is screwing around with your listing, who is taking it over, changing the pictures.

Maybe they take your product and they put their trademark on the listing, and they’re clearly hijacking the listing. You can often recoup control of the listing and fix it just to have the same problem occur again and again and again. So what can you do?

Generally, there is no great remedy with Amazon for this particular issue. The hijacking of your listing, usually it’s by somebody with a vendor account. There are tools at your disposal that you can use to force Amazon to identify the bad actor. What you can do is file a lawsuit. You sue John Doe one to five. So it’s the name of you or your company versus John Doe one to five.

And soon as you get into court, you ask the judge for permission to issue a subpoena to send over to Amazon. Now, you do this in a very formal way. It’s called a motion. And once you get that subpoena, you serve it on Amazon, again in a very particular fashion. And now Amazon has no choice but to comply with the subpoena to provide the information.

That is one way that you can use litigation to find out hijacker identification.

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