Litigation with Amazon Sellers Lawyer: Pre-Trial Conference

If you’re an Amazon seller and you’ve been sued, don’t panic.

Watch this video to learn what a pre-trial conference is, and find out what you can expect.

We, the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team, will help guide you through the process and ensure your rights are protected.

Amazon sellers involved in litigation

If you are an amazon seller who has become involved in litigation, it is more than likely that you will participate in a pre-trial conference. In a pre-trial conference, a judge will attempt to settle the case by meeting with the lawyers for both sides together and then separately to negotiate. They will attempt to convince the plaintiff to take a lesser award for their damages as they attempt to persuade the Amazon seller to pay more in order to compromise on a settlement amount and avoid a trial.

The right number for you to settle at, as an Amazon seller, is at or below the price it has cost you to hire a defense team. You should try to find a number you can settle at and avoid further litigation where there is a large possibility that you will end up responsible for a larger sum.