Law Firms WRONGFULLY Asserting Copyright Infringement Claims Against Amazon Sellers

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Kind of a unique scenario, but I think all Amazon sellers should know about this. It has to do with lawyers or other people in companies making repeated copyright complaints against your account and harming your business interests and costing you real money.

What I’m talking about is that there is a mechanism in place called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You have a rights owner who makes a copyright complaint against you. Then you have a right to file what’s called a counter notice, which basically says, “Hey, lawyer, or hey company, either sue me if you’ve got the goods or your complaint comes off my account within two weeks and I go back to doing business.”

So what we’re seeing a rise in (and we’ve actually started a lawsuit about this) is a law firm in Chicago that instead of filing a lawsuit, they just made more copyright complaints and they really weaponized Amazon’s system to harm our seller.

So I contacted the lawyer. I’m like, “Hey, what are you doing? We’re going to have to sue you. We’re going to have to make an ethical complaint against you. You’ve got to fix this.” He didn’t believe me. I don’t think he bought it, how aggressive we are as a law firm on behalf of Amazon sellers. So we did. We sued this lawyer. We sued his law firm, and we sued his client.

On top of that, when a lawyer in New York, probably anywhere in the country, sues another lawyer and it has ethical issues within it, we’re also obligated to make an ethical complaint. If I know a lawyer is doing something wrong, I am ethically obligated to make a complaint against them so that’s what we did.

So for this Amazon seller, man, we’re going nuclear. We sued him, made ethical complaints, and we are going to do our best to recover the hundreds of thousands of dollars that our client is losing because this lawyer misused Amazon’s copyright complaint system.

If you have copyright infringement claims against you, I’m going to recommend two things to you right now:

Number one, donate a dollar to the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation to raise money to find a cure to pediatric cancers and download the Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Copyright Law.

Number two, you can submit your case online to us 24/7. You can call me, you can email me, and you can also text me (212) 256-8492.

We help sellers with copyright complaints probably every single day. Every single business day that we’re here, we’re helping one or more sellers with copyright complaints. Thank you. Please like the video, please share the video.