Getting a Late Shipping Suspension Selling on – REINSTATE YOUR AMAZON ACCOUNT

Breaking news with CJ Rosenbaum, Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

Late shipments are sinking Amazon seller accounts.

So late shipments are one of those things that harm the consumer experience. And if we know anything about Amazon, Amazon is consumer centric. So what can you possibly do?

If you are fulfilled by a merchant, extend the shipping time. You want to under promise and over deliver.

Now, let’s say it’s too late. Let’s say your account is suspended. Let’s say your best listing is down or a product that you’re making good money on is down because of a late shipping suspension. Because of late shipments, this is something you might want to argue in a plan of action, that going forward, you’re going to extend the shipment time so you make sure that Amazon’s consumers are under promised and over delivered. That you not only increase the your customer’s experience, but Amazon’s consumers will be able to rest assured knowing their product is going to arrive earlier than promised rather than later than promised.

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