KNOW YOUR RIGHTS When You Receive Threatening Letters From Law Firms Like Vorys

I’m going to tell you how we handle Vorys when this law firm sends Amazon sellers a letter claiming that they are violating their client’s intellectual property rights / contracts, and these sellers better stop or the Earth’s going to stop spinning on its axis.

What we do for Amazon sellers when they receive a Vorys letter:

I’m going to use a fictitious name here to protect our client. So let’s say ‘Al’ is a seller on Amazon and he receives one of these Vorys letters that claims he’s selling products that are counterfeit. Then at the end, it says he has interfered with his contract with Amazon.

What I’m going to do is talk to Al and ask, “Al, are you selling genuine products?” Al’s going to say, “Yes.”

Then we’re going to do an analysis of the warranty and the claims that Vorys asserted against you.

Then we’re going to reach out to the lawyer who signed that letter.

I think I’ve worked with every single one of the lawyers over there, probably dozens of times each. Our goal is to make sure you never get sued. We do that by either negotiating from a position of strength if you weren’t selling counterfeit products and their warranty is nothing special, or we negotiate from a position of weakness if you were selling counterfeit products or they’ve taken their product outside the first sale doctrine.

Either way, if you are getting threatening letters from law firms, our goal is the exact same: to make sure you never get sued and incur those costs.

We deal with countless intellectual property right complaints & specifically, with a law firm called Vorys that writes threatening letters when you’re selling their clients’ products. Amazon sellers, you don’t have to take this nonsense from brands, large or small. You have rights.