How to Remove an IP Complaint Off Your Account & Protect Your Sales on Amazon

I love bragging about my team. My team is the best in the world. Every single person that works for us, that works on your accounts, that drafts your plans of action, that gets intellectual property right complaints retracted, every single one is college-educated. And I think more than half of our staff have advanced degrees past their bachelors.

So let me get to the substance of today’s video, and it has to do with intellectual property right complaints.

The goal, every single time you receive an intellectual property right complaint, whether it’s trademark, copyright, design patent, utility patent, whatever it is, is to get that complaint retracted.

Now, sometimes you are negotiating for a retraction from a position of strength. You did nothing wrong, their complaint is baseless.

Other times, the complaint is valid and you still want to get the retraction. So how do we do that?

We first do an analysis, whether you were or were not violating anyone’s intellectual property rights. Then we reach out to the complainant with the strength of the entire firm behind us, and we seek a retraction. And if that brand happened to make a false counterfeit complaint against you, then we have even more leverage to help you get that complaint retracted.

So the point of the matter is, if you receive an IP complaint, focus on the retraction; and no one is better to remove an IP complaint on Amazon than my team.