Intellectual Property Complaint Resolutions for Amazon Sellers

If a law firm has sent you a cease and desist communication, this video is for you.

Okay, Amazon sellers, you will often receive letters from brand protection companies and law firms claiming you’re violating intellectual property rights. And usually you’re not, if you’re selling genuine products, usually you’re not violating anybody’s rights. Sometimes you are. And that’s what this video is about.

How can you deal with someone making an intellectual property complaint against you that is 100% valid?

Well, we deal with these issues all the time for Amazon sellers. Usually the complaints are invalid. Usually the complaints are baseless, but sometimes they really do have you by the short hairs and you have to then work out a resolution.

There are resolutions that include license agreements. There are resolutions that include distribution agreements. There are resolutions that include buyback or sell through agreements. And there’s often many, many ways to get you back to selling, even if the person or company that made the complaint against you is right.

So if you want to learn about the different ways to resolve an intellectual property right complaint asserted against you that is valid, contact us. Often the people or companies that have made complaints against you are lawyers or other companies that we’ve worked with previously. And if we haven’t worked with them previously, we could reach out to them because underlying everything that we do, we are here to help sellers succeed. And if that means negotiating a license agreement for you, that’s what we are here to do.

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