Increase in High Order Defect Rate (ODR) Suspensions Against Amazon Sellers

High order deficit rate (ODR) suspensions are skyrocketing, just as we predicted, when Amazon extended the return period for all Christmas and pre-Christmas shopping.

High ODR suspensions are being driven up from A-Z claims, they’re being driven up by negative feedback, and they’re being driven by shipping issues.

Now, Amazon Sellers, many of you are starting to challenge consumer complaints, and I’m not sure that’s the wisest thing to do. Time will tell what works and what doesn’t. But, as everybody knows, Amazon is a consumer-centric company. Consumers are here and then there’s Amazon… wait, that is not true. Amazon is here, consumers are next, and Amazon Sellers are way down on the list, so we don’t recommend you blame consumers ever really.

You have to absorb these issues and keep your eye on your long-term business.

With these high ODR suspensions, consider what you can and can’t control. There’s a prayer about that, it’s the serenity prayer. “God, give me the power to recognize what I can change and what I can’t, and the power to know the difference,” or something like that.

High ODR suspensions are up, so fix what you can, and just roll with the punches. Get a high-quality, persuasive plan of action out the door quickly, because we are hearing that the speed of turnover is having an effect over at Amazon.

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