How WE REMOVE FALSE COPYRIGHT COMPLAINTS Against Amazon Sellers with Plans of Action

If you’ve received a copyright complaint against a listing where you never actually delivered the goods, this video is for you.

All right, I’m really pleased to report another huge win by Briana. You may have seen some of her videos. She puts out some killer content for us. She’s a tremendously bright woman. I couldn’t be more pleased to have her on our team.

So she was working on a case for an Amazon seller just like you who’s account was suspended, because they received a copyright complaint. When Briana dug into the facts of the case, while that seller sold a whole bunch of other goods, that seller never sold the product, not a single sale for the product that was the subject of the copyright complaint.

What did Briana do? She wrote a killer plan of action. She identified the root cause, and in that section of the plan of action, identified how we can be better. The immediate corrective action, which is to retrain staff, and the systemic changes to the business, which is to be more and more careful about people’s copyright interest, and also pointed out that there was not a single sale of the product, and without a sale of the product, Amazon bought the arguments and reinstated the seller’s account.

So what’s the bottom line? If you receive a copyright complaint on a listing where you had no sales, you want to point that out to Amazon staff in India, and I have personally met dozens of them. You want to point that out in your plan of action and for us, at least, we are winning reinstatements by making this argument.

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