How We Help Sellers Fight Back When They Receive A Trademark Complaints

Fighting tooth and nail for sellers when they receive trademark complaints.

Amazon sellers, sometimes you’ve got to carry not just a big stick, but a nuclear weapon when trademark complaints are made against your business and they’ve caused you to need your account reactivated or a listing reactivated, because they’ve been suspended.

Today I’m going to talk to you about a hardcore weapon, a nuclear weapon, a big giant Billy club to use against people and companies who have trademarks that should never have been granted, that now are making complaints against you. So what am I talking about?

In order to get a trademark, you have to apply to the USPTO, United States Patent and Trademark Office, for the trademark of approval. Until the government approves it, you don’t have a trademark. Well, once it’s approved, if you start using it in a way that is harming a seller, and the trademark may not have been issued properly like it should not have been issued, you can challenge the issuance of the trademark back at the USPTO. There’s a mechanism for doing that.

We employ that mechanism when it’s appropriate, and today I’m really proud to report to you that Ashley did just that.

Our client received a trademark complaint and their account went down.

They needed an account reactivation. Ashley did the research. She’s supervised by my partner, Rob Segall. They identified that this trademark, maybe it should never have been approved by the USPTO. So we let them know that our intention is to challenge their entire mark. And if we win, their mark is gone and all that time and money and effort that they’ve invested in their brand would go in the toilet if we were successful at challenging their mark.

Guess what happened? They agreed to retract the complaint. So Ashley, great job, great fighting tooth and nail for Amazon sellers.

Amazon sellers, when you are right, if you feel like you’re right, you feel like you didn’t do anything wrong, contact us. We’re going to walk you through the issue. We’re going to brainstorm how to get your account reactivated or your listing reactivated.

This particular case, the complainant left themselves open and Ashley closed it on them really hard. By the time you’re watching this video, that seller is back to selling products and thriving on Amazon.