How to Win Reinstatement After Receiving a Related Account Suspension on Amazon in 2021

All right, Amazon sellers, in this case are going to be talking about related accounts, and when a divorce is good for an Amazon seller.

Related account suspensions are where Amazon believes that you are involved in more than one Amazon account.

In the hundreds or maybe even thousands of related account suspensions that me and my team have been involved in, they are difficult cases to win. It’s always easier to get the oldest account reinstated and sort of abandon the newer accounts. Or we’ll get the oldest account reinstated, and then the other accounts just come back on online. We’re not really sure why. They’re still related…

Other times, you can’t have 100% success when you’re fighting with Amazon. So let me get back to the point of this particular video. When is divorce good for an Amazon seller?

Well, Vin, one of our senior paralegals, a remarkably bright guy. He’s been with us for several years. He’s my partner’s brother, highly educated. He won a related account suspension by taking our seller’s divorce decree and sending it over to Amazon because his account was being related to his ex-wife’s account. So that is when a divorce could be potentially good for an Amazon seller.

Those of you who know me personally know that I’m divorced, and it opened me up to remarry a fantastic woman. My wife Eli is just phenomenal. I hit the ‘lotto’ the second time around. And here’s the divorce joke. Why is divorce so expensive? Because it is worth it…

So that is today’s content. A divorce can be good for an Amazon seller if you need to show Amazon that your account is really not related to your ex-wife’s account. This theory applies to a lot of the different arguments when it comes to related accounts where you just have to justify to Amazon that while it picked up some relationship between your account and another account, here’s documents to show they really are not related.

If you currently have a related account suspension on Amazon:

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