How to Win Inauthentic Reinstatements by Providing Screenshots in Your Plans of Action

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to submitting plans of action to Amazon to get your listings reactivated and your accounts reactivated.

Okay, Amazon sellers. So the goal of every single plan of action, the thousands and thousands of plans of action that we have written for Amazon sellers just like you boil down to persuasiveness. Okay? You got your root cause. Your immediate corrective action, the long-term changes to your business. You have your documents, your proof, your pictures. The entire goal of a plan of action is to persuade the reader at Amazon to reactivate your account or reactivate your listing.

So I want to congratulate Vin. You did a great job on one of our repeat clients who was suspended again for inauthentic. And the way Vin did it on this go-round is he put screenshots right in the plan of action, matching the screenshot of the invoice where the product was sourced, matching exactly to the listing of the product that was sold that Amazon had an issue with.

So in every plan of action, should you include pictures? I wouldn’t go that far. But where a picture is going to show clearly that you sourced your products from a legitimate place, that you weren’t violating anybody’s intellectual property rights, or that your tracking numbers were valid, then absolutely yes. Because the faster, more concise, and more persuasive your plan of action is the faster your account, the faster your listing will be reactivated by Amazon.

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