How to Get Your Money Out of Amazon When You’re Accused of Pricing Discrepancy

How do you get your money out of Amazon?

You’ve been accused of pricing discrepancy on Amazon and you need to get your money out now. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this video, I’m going to show you how to get your money out of Amazon so you can continue selling without any trouble.

What can you do to get your money from Amazon?

If you have and attempted, and failed to resolve your dispute with Amazon by providing support for your case, you can take Amazon to binding arbitration. As a seller on Amazon, you have signed away your right to sue the platform, but arbitrations are settled out of courts and therefore a valid method of action.

How does arbitration work?

When you decide to pursue arbitration against Amazon, you first must file this demand with the American Arbitration Association and send this to Amazon. The case will be assigned an arbitrator, who is a third- party judge that is knowledgable on Intellectual Property Law and selected as a compromise to both parties. Filing for arbitration provides an opportunity for your case to be reviewed by an heightened number of Amazon employees working for both external legal counsel and the paralegal team, and a better chance of the dispute being resolved effectively. When a decision is made by the judge in binding arbitration the dispute resolution is final and legal recourse can not be taken again for the same issue.