Tips for Online Sellers – Learn How to Deal with IP Complaints Asserted Against You

You’ve received Amazon IP complaints against your account, and you can’t get a response or a retraction from the person or company that’s made the complaint.

Okay, Amazon sellers. You know from our huge library of videos and books that we know more about dealing with Amazon IP complaints than probably any company on earth. In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about how to deal with IP complaints against your account when the person or company that made the complaint refuses to respond to you.

Here’s how we win these cases…

We start with the legal analysis that identifies preferably that you did not violate anybody’s intellectual property rights, and then following up with whoever made the complaint. But they’re not responding to you… Well, at that point in time, you have followed Amazon’s program of trying to get a retraction first. Now it’s time to write a plan of action to send to Amazon. Part of your plan of action is going to include that you did a legal analysis. You can attach a copy of our analysis to your plan of action. And also that the rights owner who made this complaint is being non-responsive, and you could put it in the form of a timeline. You could attach copies of all your emails to whoever made the complaint. Now you’re showing Amazon two powerful arguments.

One, we didn’t violate anybody’s intellectual property rights. Two, we followed your system to try and get a retraction of this baseless complaint, and they’re just not responsive.

Here’s golden nugget number three… Often people in companies will make intellectual property right complaints against you who don’t even own the trademark, who don’t own the copyright. And that is a whole different kettle of fish.

If you check at and find out that the person/company that made the complaint doesn’t own anything, that also helps you tremendously to get that complaint off your account, and either increase your account health or to reinstate your account.

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