How to Create an Effective Plan of Action to Reinstate Selling Privileges on Amazon

“CJ, they didn’t ask me for a plan of action, but I’m supposed to send in information. What should I do?”

I get asked this question several times a week, sometimes several times a day….

After interviewing dozens of Amazon staff in India, cross-examining Amazon’s executives and other staff, and also speaking with former Amazon employees who call me with their employment problems, I am confident to tell you that whatever it is you send to Amazon, do it in the form of a plan of action.

This is what Amazon staff is trained to look for, a root cause, immediate corrective action, long-term improvements, and/or changes to your business. That’s the format that you should use whenever you are communicating with Amazon.

I get the argument, “Amazon didn’t ask for a POA, why should I give one?”

I’m telling you to do it because we find through our experience helping thousands of Amazon sellers every year, tens of thousands of listings every year, that when you put your information in the form of a plan of action, it works.

Your energy should be focused on finding products, your PPC campaigns, sourcing, all the different things that comprise driving sales to your Amazon-based business. But when it comes to plans of action, or IP complaints, or getting your money or inventory back from Amazon, we are the best in the world at what we do. So contact us for a free consultation.

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