How Sellers Can Get Reactivated After Receiving Utility Patent Complaints

How we won a patent complaint against an Amazon seller.

There are two types of patents. There is a utility patent, which protects how a product functions. And there is a design patent, which concerns how a product looks.

In a case we handled, our paralegal Declan was faced with saving an Amazons seller’s behind who received a utility patent complaint. He did the research on the complainant who asserted the utility patent. And then he did the research on the patent itself.

And guess what? The patent was invalid.

Declan puts this together with a killer, persuasive, concise plan of action. We provide it to the Amazon seller. Amazon seller sends it to Amazon, to the specific email address that we provide. And within a matter of days, this seller is reinstated and is in business right now.

The processes for enforcing patents on e-commerce platforms varies dramatically. Our attorneys are experts in managing US based patent infringement disputes online, regardless of where they occur. We also have direct experience participating in dozens of Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluations, and have expert level knowledge of the related Amazon Specific rules and procedures for patent enforcement.