Hackers & Hijackers Manipulating Canada Listings Causing U.S. ASIN Suspensions

Breaking news for Amazon sellers. You are getting attacked.

If you’re a private label Amazon seller or you own a significant size brand or you have authorization to sell branded items, you are 100% under attack by bad actors, seller v. seller, dirty tricks on Amazon.

One of the latest things that we’re seeing is that hijackers, bad actors, dirty tricksters, whatever you want to call them, they’re taking your branded item/s. They are then creating a new listing to sell in Canada, but instead of selling your product with a good listing, they’re adding the name of drugs, they’re adding profanity, they’re putting prohibited content in the listing itself.

That listing gets taken down in Canada, and then your listing here in the United States goes down as well.

We are working on multiple cases just like this. If you have your own brand, you’re a private label seller, or you’re an authorized seller for a brand and your listing has gone down for prohibited content, you need to find out what the source is. We are working one-on-one with lawyers who represent Amazon on this particular issue.

If you’ve lost your ability to sell your branded product in the United States because of a listing that was created in Canada, or you just don’t know why you are down and you’re being accused of using prohibited content, call us for a free consultation right now 1-877-9-SELLER. We’re available 7 days a week from the beginning of business in New York to the close of business in California.

Seven days a week, we are here for sellers, especially now that it’s Q4.