GLOBAL SHORTAGES in 2021 – Distribution & Sourcing Problems Arise for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers who have your own private label brand or your own full blown brand, this information is for you.

I’m going to address two things:

Number one, why it might be time to consider selling your brand to one of the dozens of aggregators that literally have billions and billions of dollars to buy you out right now.

Number two is the sourcing problems that you’re facing. And if you’re not facing them yet, you’re going to. If you’re already facing them, they’re likely to get worse.

So what am I talking about? Well, what every American is seeing on the news is how there are container ships just lined up at the ports in LA, lined up at the ports in New York, with nobody to unload the ships. And when they do get them unloaded, there’s no trucks to take them out. And the distribution is just us a huge, huge mess, but it’s hitting you right now because your goods are stuck in the ocean. You can’t get them on land.

In addition to those problems, there are bumps with the microchips, which we’re hearing about every day, but what you’re not hearing about are all the other problems that exist. There could be a problem in Vietnam with a part, there could be a problem with your factory doing your packaging. There could be a factory doing your packaging that can’t get their raw materials from wherever they’ve got to come from, the ingredients that they can’t get, and any bump in the road is causing you pain in terms of getting your products into Amazon’s warehouses and ultimately out for sale.

So the second issue I want to talk to you about is why it might be a great time to sell your private label brand, to sell your Amazon-based brand, and it’s because of all these potential problems. So each of these problems is anticipated to get worse for the near future.

While you still may be on an upward trajectory and you have your heart and soul and your sweat and tears and your brand, the fact that you’re facing problems now, and that the problems you’re facing are likely to get worse, and then you add that to the fact of life, because there’s so much competition out there to buy your brand, those two things to me indicate it’s a really great time to sell, get your FU money in the bank, ride out the storm.

You’re facing sourcing problems, shipping problems, distribution problems. There’s more money in the marketplace than ever. Therefore, it is a really good time to consider selling your Amazon-based business.

If you want to discuss the issues that you’re facing, how to even add value to your brand before you sell it, contact me. I try and make myself available to you seven days a week. And while I love everything that we do, one of the things I love the most is being involved in brand development to get you more money when you sell your business.