Get Your Lost Inventory & Withheld Funds from Amazon the Fastest & Cheapest Way

Breaking News! There’s a new way to get your lost inventory and money back.

We have an arbitration program that could help you get your money back quickly and easily. So if you’ve had any problems with Amazon in the past, now is the time to act.

Learn more about how this program could work for you in this video.

Case #04558

What is an arbitrator?

An arbitrator is a third party assigned to judge a dispute on the basis of evidence and testimony by the parties involved. Arbitrators are agreed upon by both parties and are usually lawyers, retired judges, or professionals in the relevant field.  Amazon sellers cannot sue Amazon because of the contracts that exist for sellers, so arbitration is the appropriate method for resolving legal issues and getting seller accounts reactivated. Arbitration solves legal disputes much faster and cheaper than typical lawsuits.

Pre – Arbitration 

Before going through arbitration, lawyers at Amazon Sellers Lawyer will reach out to the Amazon law firm and warn them that the case is invalid and they should reanalyze the data. This provides an opportunity to resolve the dispute amicably before arbitration occurs, as well as it diverts more Amazon staff to analyze your cases data.